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Good News: your division, “Example Division”, is 100% comprehensive. Help the 24/7 campaign extend these same protections to ALL students and schools in Virginia by taking action below.

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Your division’s tobacco and e-cigarette policy is not yet 100% comprehensive. Show your support for adopting a 24/7 tobacco-free and e-cigarette-free policy in your division by taking action below.

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125 Submissions

125 Submissions

What Is A Comprehensive
Tobacco-Free and E-cigarette-Free Policy?

All schools have rules about tobacco and e-cigarettes, but 24/7 wants to make sure the rules are clear and complete.

A comprehensive policy specifically prohibits tobacco products, products containing nicotine, electronic smoking devices, and any component or accessory used in the consumption of a tobacco product.

A comprehensive policy specifically prohibits tobacco and e-cigarette products on school grounds, even after official school hours.

A comprehensive policy applies to students, staff, and visitors.

For more information about what qualifies as a comprehensive policy, see our comprehensive policy checklist.